Company Profile
Company Profile

The increased demands that arise continuously in the field of underwater constructions and operations, and the particular and special needs that many underwater work-sites present, demand the most highly-specialized, modern, dependable and well-equippeddiving contractors who posses the know-how, own the appropriate resources and equipment and are versatile to adjust in any possible condition.


Based on these facts, ProDive Hellas®, enriched with the over-the-years experience of its CEO mr. Panagiotis Vournas, beingfully equipped accordingly, owning the most advanced and up-to-date technological and diving equipment, and employing fully trained, experienced and certified personnel is the most considerable and suitable choice for low or high level of demand underwater constructions or operations.




The establishment of ProDive Hellas® in 1997, came as a result of the experience gained through Scuba Pro Diving and North Diving Eagle, both companies owned and directed by Mr. Vournas since 1987, which in turn they had their individual dynamic and specialization in the underwater constructions and operations field, having executed extremely important operations both in Greece and Worldwide, such as:

  • Maintenance of In-Water & Underwater piping, Psitalia Sewage Distilling Installations.
  • Construction - Maintenance of Piraeus Metropolitan Port-GR.
  • Construction - Maintenance of the new Cargo Terminal and Pier of O.L.P in Piraeus-GR.
  • Maintenance, of Off-shore U/W Oil-Drilling Platform Installations at Prinos-Thassos (N.A.P.C.).
  • Construction-Placement, of In-Water distilled sewage piping, Hilton Hotel-Rhodes-GR.
  • Construction-Placement, of In-Water distilled sewage piping, Kremasti Community, Rhodes-GR
  • Designing and Placement Moorings for Sea Farming, Installations-Worldwide.
  • Underwater Search and Salvage from depth -110 metres, for the Greek Navy.
  • In-water Surveys and Maintenance of Vessels in United Kingdom, Cyprus, India, Balkan Countries, e.t.c.
  • Wreck and Deep Wreck Salvage-Worldwide.
  • Placement Underwater Energy and Telecommunication Cables-Worldwide.
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